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If you’ve noticed that your gumline looks smaller than usual, then you probably have receding gums, a common indicator of gum disease. Without treatment, receding gums can lead to bone and tooth loss.
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Soft Tissue Grafts Are A Natural Way To Treat Sensitive Teeth

Exposed tooth roots are the result of gum recession. Perhaps you wish to enhance your smile by covering one or more of these roots that make your teeth appear too long. Or, maybe you’re not bothered by the appearance of these areas, but you cringe because the exposed roots are sensitive to hot or cold foods and liquids.

Soft tissue grafts can be used to cover roots or develop gum tissue where absent due to excessive gingival recession. This can be done for one tooth or several teeth to even your gum line and reduce sensitivity.

While some people have no symptoms at all, the majority of people with receding gums experience the following:

  • Unven-looking teeth
  • Swollen, bleeding gums
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot foods and liquids
  • Dark spots or cavities

What To Expect After Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a routine procedure commonly performed by periodontists like Dr. Choudhury.  The majority of patients have no disruption with their daily activities and usually go back to work on the same day or the next day.  Most patients experience some tenderness and discomfort for the first couple of days, but this is usually managed by over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.  Dr. Choudhury can also prescribe stronger medication if needed.