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Teeth-in-an-hour provides patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure that lasts about an hour.
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Thanks to Dr. Eric Choudhury’s cutting-edge dental technology, we have the perfect solution for Houston residents who want to have an immediate, beautiful smile – TEETH IN AN HOUR.  Here’s how it works – using a 3D CT scan and virtual reality software, Dr. Eric Choudhury and Dr. Alma Payumo plan your dental implant placement and fabricate the teeth replacement before the surgery is even performed. This computer guided dental implant surgery is extremely accurate, safe, and allows for virtually painless dental implant treatment. With conventional treatment, you have to wait four to six months your implants to heal before your new teeth are placed. But Choudhury Dental Center in Houston can give you your new teeth right away! This concept is applicable on any patient indication from single tooth to partially or fully edentulous. The ability to pre-plan and pre-manufacture your final restoration allows us to use a minimally invasive surgical protocol with no sutures (stitches) under local anesthetic. You may even be able to eat immediately after the treatment.

Teeth in an Hour is just one of the many advanced technologies we use at Choudhury Dental Center to provide you with the highest quality of dental care. Contact our Houston dentist office today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

teeth in an hour