Dental Implants Keep Your Loose Denture From Falling Out

If you are a denture wearer, you probably are constantly afraid of this happening:


Many people in Houston who wear dentures complain about them.  With traditional dentures, many people can no longer eat their favorite foods and even have trouble with their speech.  The largest complaint from denture wearers is that they feel loose and slide around in the mouth.  Often, people have to resort to messy glues to keep from having those embarrassing moments.

Fortunately, as a periodontist in Houston, Dr. Choudhury can use dental implants to keep your denture in your mouth where it belongs!

The number of implants required to hold a denture in place may vary, based on the type of denture that is desired. In a typical implant-denture treatment, four lower implants are placed in the lower jaw, usually more difficult to keep a denture in place than the upper. After the implants are placed, a connection is placed on them, frequently a “snap” type system. The inside of the denture has a corresponding snap and when the denture is placed, it “snaps” into place. When placed, it stays in place, is stable and food can be eaten comfortably without concern that the denture may loosen or fall out. The denture can be removed cleaned, and snapped back into place.

If you have a loose denture in Houston or would like more information about dental implants to keep your denture from falling out, call our office at 713-771-9308.